Directions to Family Reunion

New Jersey directions to the Dela. Memorial Bridge

Take Dela. Memorial Bride to New Castle south to Rt.13 south. Stay in left

lane on Rt.13 to the Beach Split on Rt.13/ RT.40, stay in left lane go

through red light at the Rt.13/Rt.40 split to the next red light and make

left on Llangollen Blvd. pass older section of homes, all the way down into

the newer homes, 507 Llangollen is on the left side, yellow house with dark

green shutters.


Directions from Maryland

I-95 north from Maryland to De. take exit 141 New Castle to Rt. 13 south,

stay in left lane to Rt. 13/ Rt. 40 beach/shore split stay to the left, go

through light at the split to the very 1st .red light make left onto

Llangollen Blvd. See sign Llangollen Estates follow Llangollen Blvd. through

older section to new homes section, almost to the end, My house is 3 houses from

Rt. 9 on the left side, if you come to Rt 9 you would have passed my house,

507 Llangollen Blvd. yellow house with dark green shutters [302] 325-1992


Direction from Pennsylvania

I-95 South towards Wilm. to Rt. 141 New Castle exit. follow New Castle [not

Newport] to Rt. 13 south exit, stay to the left to the Beach/ Shore spilt at

Rt. 13 / Rt. 40 follow Rt 13 at the split in left lane, through the light to

the very 1st. red light at Llangollen Blvd. see sign Llangollen Estates,

follow Llangollen Blvd. pass older homes to new homes section all the way,

almost to the end, my house is on the left side 507 Llangollen, yellow house

with dark green shutters [302] 325-1992



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