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Individual Launches Create Family Trees Quick & Easy

$19.95 Program Includes Everything to Create High-Quality Family Trees

Pleasanton, CA --December 3, 1997-- Individual Software Inc., the industry’s leading developer and publisher of educational and productivity software, today announced Create Family Trees Quick & Easy. The $19.95 (estimated street price) genealogy program enables users to quickly and easily compile a family history database and construct detailed family trees with extensive information on each person, illustrated with photographs and other graphics images such as birth and marriage certificates, diplomas and other important family documents.

Create Family Trees Quick & Easy is the latest in Individual Software’s value-priced Quick & Easy Series of personal productivity software tools. The product is available now from major computer and software retailers throughout the United States and Canada as well as directly from Individual Software (1-800-822-3522) and from the company’s Web-based Store at (www.individualsoftware.com).

"Developing a detailed and accurate family history database and constructing family trees for different branches of the family is a fun and rewarding endeavor in which the whole family can participate. Create Family Trees Quick & Easy was designed to make it simple for novice to advanced users to quickly build and share high-quality family tree databases," said Matt Hendrickson, product marketing manager at Individual Software.

Create Family Trees Quick & Easy is designed to be intuitive and incorporates user-friendly features such as single-click buttons for navigating through a family tree and drag-and-drop that lets users place family members directly into the appropriate position in a family tree.

Many Useful Features

Detailed information for each family member is easily entered into the individual worksheet, which features 25 separate fields for data entry, including dates and places of birth, marriage and death. A "Special Event" field offers a choice of user-defined events as well as 30 listed events that range from baptism to graduation and  retirement. Unlimited photographs and graphics images can be scanned in and  inserted into each family member’s file. A sophisticated, built-in search engine allows users to quickly locate individuals in a family database.

Other key features include the ability to instantly show the relationship between any two members in a family tree. For output, users have a choice between pedigree or ancestor trees, family group sheets or descendant list reports. Printing options allows the user to specify how many generations are to be printed and how much information about each family member will be shown in the report.

Create Family Trees Quick & Easy is compatible with the internationally recognized GEDCOM genealogical data format standard that allows users to import family tree files developed by other members of the family using different genealogy software programs, as well as from databases available from Web-based genealogical resources.

Included with the program is a detailed User Guide that provides genealogy novices with helpful instruction and tips for developing detailed and accurate family history databases that date back hundreds of years. A listing of more than 150 genealogical data centers located across the United States, where many valuable family records are kept, is also provided.

Features Summary

Create Family Trees Quick & Easy offers all necessary features users need to quickly create high-quality family trees and detailed reports, including:

Adding new individuals directly into the family tree.

Quickly locating any family member in the family tree.

Creating separate family trees for each branch of the family.

Quickly navigating through each generation.

Recording detailed information on each family member, including names, dates, birth and burial

locations, marriage information and more.

Maintaining all medical and address information, military history, occupations, interesting stories and other notes.

Recording up to 30 special events, from date and place of baptism to retirement.

Instantly shows the relationship between any two members of a family.

Creating descendant reports for each individual in the family tree

Tracking today's modern family structures and family members who have remarried.

Showing adopted, foster and step children relationships to each parent.

Photographs can be displayed in any family tree.

Birth certificates, diplomas and other documents can be stored digitally.

Keeping unlimited photographs for each person.

Creating ancestor or pedigree family trees automatically

Choosing the number of generations to display and how much information to show.

Printing family reports and family trees for just the immediate family.

Import/Export files from other GEDCOM file formatted genealogy programs

Instruction on acquiring information on your family and contacting various family record-keeping private and public institutions.