The PBL:

An accelerated eXtreme pack of wolves loosely tethered to two road worthy wheels clashing around a twisted track of dangerous obstacles clawing at each other with thick leather gloves and riding up the spines of their opponents to steal a point and ultimately humiliate their way to VICTORY!

"X"treme, with a Capital "X", Sporting Event!

Professional Bicycle League (PBL) has member teams located in major metro markets. The teams are comprised of world class athletes, including past and present Olympians and World Champions. The innovative race format puts team bicycle racing in up close arena course. See Ride Magazine's latest Article on the PBL.

Teams battle it out to score points every other lap in a full contact race made up of four quarters with a half time. The PBL is designed to be very exciting and affordable to young main stream television viewers. Bands perform at half time each race. What the NFL was to football in the 60's is what the PBL has formed for cycling now.

The PBL's mid season tournament will be held on May 6 at 4:00pm in Philadelphia and attended by Philly, Baltimore and Tampa. 

Races: March 18th , March 25, and May 6, 2000 at the Philadelphia Armory, 23rd and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, PA. October 14th at Tampa Boneshakers.

The Philadelphia Liberators
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Olympic Gold Medal winner Marty Nothstein
raced for the Liberators team against Tampa on October 14th, 2000 in Tampa, FL.

Click here for Marty's Press release and a link to his personal web site.

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The Philadelphia team now has three Olympians on the team (Marty Nothstein-velodrome Gold Metal Winner in Sydney and the Olkerr brothers from Holland, former Olympians)
Confirmed 2001 Home Race Dates now set on league Master Calendar:
Philadelphia: Saturday Sept. 29th , (double header ), Saturday Oct. 27th, 2001 ( Drexel Armory 35th & Market St.)
Redding: Sunday June 24th ,Saturday July 21st, Sunday August 26th, 2001.
New York: TBA
Tampa: TBA
San Francisco: TBA
Expansion Team(Los Angeles) : TBA
Expansion Team #2 : TBA
Last Race of the 2000 Season at Tampa, Fl
By Jim Ryan
Liberator's Business Manager
On October 14, 2000, the Liberators traveled to Tampa, Florida, in need of a vacation. This they got as they beat the Tampa Boneshakers 44-22.
The Liberators were led in scoring by their stalwart captain, Ryan Oelkers, the Thunder from Down Under Leigh Bryan, and last but by no means least,
Olympic Gold Medallist Marty Nothstein.
The Liberators immediately demonstrated their mastery of the game as they cruised to an early 8-2 lead they never relinquished. In desperation, the
Bonshakers hurled themselves at the Liberators in a kamikaze attempt to knock them from their bikes.
This became too much for Marty Nothstein, who after one such attempt picked up his bike and threw it at his boneshaker assailant, leaving wire marks from the spokes on the Tampan's face. 
A general melee ensued, during which the Boneshakers tried to induce a forfeiture by the Liberators through the referees. 
This was their last (and only) chance at a victory.
After a sobering halftime discussion, the Liberators and Boneshakers came back out and concentrated on some serious technical riding. 
This was not however without some "incidental contact" in the spirit of the game. My personal favorite was when Marty sent a small but  troublesome Boneshaker with the moniker of "Turbine" over his handlebars and onto one of the
triangular plastic barriers surrounding the course. Turbine struck the barrier with such force that he moved it about five feet, leaving the sandbag that weighed it down in place. 
Turbine flew headfirst onto the crest of the barrier and went down the length of it, compressing his bollocks as his body squeezed against the chloroplast.
After flying down the top ridge of the barrier he lay on the floor in pain. His Boneshaker comrades helped him up and gave him resuscitation on the sidelines until he felt better.
This victory caps the first season for the Liberators, the clear winners of the Eastern Division for the year 2000.

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