Instructions for Download and Installation


Right click on file link and save to a designated directory of your choice. My suggestion is to never save a file to the default directory windows automatically gives you. I suggest that you create a temporary directory for all of your downloaded files

Installation of Gedcom file:

My suggestion is for you to download the GEDCOM file as it is the easiest to install. Unless you are familiar with dat files or zip files, installing the gedcom will be the easiest for you.

Once you have downloaded and found the gedcom file, Open up your Windows based Family tree program.

Once the program is open, you should find a pull down menu that says file or something similar. Once you pull down the file menu, click on "import" from the selections.

It will then ask you for the file to import. Make sure the file type selected is "gedcom" then browse your hard drive where you downloaded our family's gedcom file (temp directory).

Once you have found the file in the import field, click on the file and click on "OK" or "import" or "save to".

Our family Ties file should be up on your family tree program. If not, recheck the steps above and try again.

If you already have some of your family tree started and you need to merge ours with yours, please see your help section for instructions on how to merge family tree databases through the gedcom file format.

If you need more assistance or have any questions, please feel free to email or call me @ 302-292-6924.

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