Here you will find Files and programs related to our Family Tree for download.
As well as links to all kinds of Genealogy Sites.

If you would like to download our family tree database and import it into a family tree software program, please do the following:

Download our Family Tree database file in GEDCOM file format here: 

Right click on this link and save as Kelley Family Tree.ged File size (599kb) updated on 4/21/23

Directions for download and install

Right Click on this link Kelley Family Tree.ged and then save link as (or save target as) to your desktop or a directory on your hard drive. You will then have to import the file into a Family Tree Software program. I use Family Ties Deluxe. You can purchase Family Ties here.

Links to Web Sites of Family Tree Interest

Immigrantships.net - Free family tree site
Progenealogists.com - Search Ancestry.com's world wide database 
for relatives, ancestors and decedents.

Genserv - Join Genserv's Family Tree Service and have access to our Family Tree Database right over the internet via email reports sent directly to you.

Ancestry.com - Search Ancestry.com's world wide database for relatives, ancestors and decedents.

Family Tree Software Reviews- Reviews of the latest Family Tree Software.

Family Tree Shareware -  Family Tree building Shareware and Freeware.

Family Tree Searches - Start your search here with a list of many of the top genealogy websites.

More Family Tree Links - A page listing some interesting Family Tree Sites.

LE FastCounter - Free counter for your own Home Page.

Other Pages of interest:

Bullet Genealogy Sites on the Internet http://www.cyndislist.com/

Bullet Roots Surname List (RSL) - Search for or add your surnames to this list.

Bullet RootsWeb - A search engine for just the latest RSL update.

Bullet The Genealogy Home Page


Bullet   Top Ten Genealogy Sites 

The GenServ Genealogical GEDCOM System was the very first Genealogical - Family History Site to be included as a point to the Internet 1996 World Exposition. It was added on 4 Jan 1996, and at the time Cliff Manis asked the Expo Administration to please make a special pavilion (Family History) and they did.